Warm Kabanos and New Potato Salad

Serves 2
Prep Time: 10 mins
Cooking Time: 5 mins


50 gram butter
300 gram cooked new potatoes, sliced
1 spanish onion, shredded
300 gram Kabanos, sliced
1 jar roasted peppers, sliced
fresh ground black pepper
mixed fresh salad leaves

For the dressing
2 tsp. whole grain mustard
75 ml white wine
1 tsp. balsamic vinegar
2 tsp. black truffle oil


Warm a wok over a high heat, add the butter and then fry the potatoes to colour them.

When the potatoes are lightly browned, add the onion and cook for a few minutes more.

Add the kabanos and toss well, reduce the heat and let them warm through, then add the peppers.

Mix all the dressing ingredients together except the truffle oil and pour the dressing into the wok, bring to a simmer and then season with the black pepper.

Remove from the heat and allow to cool slightly then toss in the truffle oil.

Serve on a bed of the crisp salad leaves.

Note: This works just as well with any cooked sausage. the black truffle oil is a decadent extra... very tasty but not essential. You can make your own roasted peppers, but buying the things ready done in a jar is more convenient and for the price, far less hassle!