Submitted by petrefax for entry into the cookbook

pan fried scallops with chilli noodles
– serves 2 people

you will need…
- 4 large scallops
- approx 50g dry weight of thread egg noodles
(if you buy the sharwoods 250g packs they come in 4 blocks so 1 block of these)
- 1 tablespoon of Encona thai sweet chilli sauce
- splash of oil for frying

Cooking the noodles
re-constitute the noodles with boiling water as per pack instructions
(3 mins simmering in boiling water then drain)

fry these in a hot wok with a small amount of oil for 2 - 3 mins,
transfer to a bowl & stir in the Encona thai sweet chilli sauce

cooking the scallops
Wash your scallops to ensure all traces of shell are removed - holding them in your hands under a running tap for a minute or so should suffice

fry the scallops in a frying pan / wok with a small amount of oil, on a fairly high heat for 2-3 mins until golden brown, turning once whilst cooking
(careful not to overcook these or they taste like pencil rubber)
pat dry on kitchen paper to remove excess oil once cooked

Putting it all together
place ½ each of the noodles in the centre of a plate, making a little “nest”
balance 2 scallops on top of each “nest” of noodles
drizzle any remaining chilli sauce from the noodles over/around your creation & take it to the table...voila….all done!