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Thread: Need to find a specific hard drive

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    Need to find a specific hard drive

    Sent off my Hard drive to a company to get my data recovered.
    They called me saying they couldn't find some specific components (i think a PCB) for my hard drive, so they are unable to fix it.
    They recommended maybe tryin again in a years time when there are more failures of the same type of hard drive, so that more components are available.
    They said if i could find the same hard drive, then that would be useful.

    hard drive is a seagate barracuda 7200.10 (750gb)
    1, P/N. = 9BJ148-568
    2, Site code. = WU
    3, Model number. = ST3750640AS

    Can anyone recommend some dealers or somewhere where these could be obtained.
    I have tried ebay without much luck.

    Many Thanks

    PS. IF any experts know of any compatible hard drive PCB's that would definately allow the drive to be read, would be great to hear some recommendations.

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    Re: Need to find a specific hard drive

    ebay has a few with the same model number

    The "hot deal" seems to be the only UK one.

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