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Thread: To N5500 users, here is how Dual DOM work

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    To N5500 users, here is how Dual DOM work

    Thecus offers the Dual DOM design on N5500. DOM is the flash drive where firmware and configurations are installed. Dual DOM means that every N5500 is equipped with 2 DOMs inside. In case DOM1 fails, the system can still boot from DOM2 to ensure continuous and flawless system operation.

    Here is how Dual DOM works. In the unexpected event like improper system shutdown causing damage on DOM1 and DOM1 is unfortunately unbootable, system will give 2 options on the LCM:
    1.recover DOM 1 from DOM 2 .
    2.If option1 is unachievable then system can boot from DOM2 to maintain data accessibility.

    System will always boot from DOM1 and system setting and firmware upgrade are done on DOM1. While DOM1 is functioning, DOM2 remains ‘Read only” and factory default. If DOM1 is damaged, system will attempt to fix DOM1. If DOM1 is not recoverable, system will then boot from DOM2.
    After booting up from DOM2, users can have access to data as usual. Since DOM2 is at factory default, users will need to manually upgrade FW and restore all settings by uploading conf.bin from DOM1. Therefore please be reminded to keep a backup of the conf.bin from DOM1. It can be done on the admin interface, System Management > Config Mgmt > then click Download.

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    Re: To N5500 users, here is how Dual DOM work

    Hi, DavidC

    A little question... after choose:
    - Restore B>A: N and boot with DOM2 (LCD display "[B] Thecus")
    every next boot start on DOM2 automatically ... how restore normal boot sequence or select option to restore B>A?

    I cannot found any info on Manual, Forums or Technical Support...
    Thank in advance.

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