Hi All,

I have been trying to get our Amanda Enterprise Server (backup) to use a Thecus N3200 as a remote VTL. I am having problems because once successfully mounted, the Thecus changes the permission on the local mount folder. Here's the set-up

Ubuntu 8.10
Amanda Enterprise Server 3.0.2
Thecus N3200 (FW: 1.00.04 App Ver: 1.00.04).

Amanda is installed and performs successful backup's to a local mount (/mnt/vtapes). It appears that a prerequisite of Amanda is that the account "amandabackup" must have exclusive use of the mount folder and will error if it detects that the folder is shared with anyone else.

I have created a local mount point at /mnt/AmandaVTL and given exclusive permissions to the 'amandabackup' account for this folder.

All is well and I then move to mount the remote folder using the following;

mount -t cifs //<thecus ip address>/AmandaVTL /mnt/AmandaVTL -o username=amandabackup,password=<password>,iocharset=utf8,file_mode=0777,dir_mode=0777

This mounts successfully and I can see folder content from the remote Thecus N3200.

When I try to assign this as a device in Amanda Enterprise I get the following error;

Unable to use the requested root path: Error: '/mnt/AmandaVTL' must not be accessible to any group or user other than 'amandabackup' (mode=40777).

When I check the local mount at /mnt/AmandaVTL I find that the permissions of this folder have been removed and replaced with access limited to use '97' and group '97'

It appears that the Thecus unit brings over it's permissions and overwrites those already on the local folder.

I have tried creating an 'amandabackup' use on the Thecus N3200 and assigning the same password but the GID is not under my control (on our Thecus N5200PRO I can edit the GID number of an account).

Has anyone experienced something similar, does anyone know if it is possible to access the Thecus OS via putty and, if that were possible, would I be able to reset the folder ownership and permissions as I appear to need to?

I've been at this for days so any help would be very much appreciated.