Hello all -
The air conditioning unit went out for three hours in our lab. Most equipment initiated the 'overheat' auto shutdown. I have cheaper NAS boxes that also auto shutdown because of overheating.

Except for my N7700! From what I see, either the CPU is out or the motherboard. The power supply is good. We have power supply tester and the power supply is good. We also purchase new N7700 replacement power supply at the time we purchase the N7700 and swapping the power supply does not work.

When I plugged in my N7700 (and turned on the switch on the back), I saw the blinking lights on both WAN and LAN ports, but that was all. If I press the power button on the front, I can see the two rear fans and the power supply fan nudge a bit, nothing else.

At this point, I can almost blame Thecus for not putting in any auto shutdown feature.

My other NASes were from Synology.