I have quite a strange problem. I got a Hx1000 from a friend who bought a new psu.
If you put a clip in the green and black holes on atx connector the psu spins up and the fans connected to it also.

So far so good.

But here's the problem when i then connect the psu to my motherboard Msi Big Bang XPower and start the psu, the motherboard makes a high buzzing sound coming from the pch on the board.

And it just won't start, i plug in my old OCZ 650w and everything starts and runs perfectly.

Also nothing unusual looking about the 24 or 8 pin.

Already tried starting everything outside the case, nothing happens.

Also tried balancing the rails since this is a (2 x 500 psu).

Going with cpu and motherboard on rail 1 and my 2 670 on rail 2.
No difference there, so im pretty mutch out of ideas

Thanks in advance.