(Originally posted by GOD and OiD, reposted with thanks and a few mods)


The forum allows each member (after 15 posts) to have a 'signature' that will automatically appear after each post. This can consist of text, graphics, or a mix of both.
We would be obliged if all members would keep signature graphics and text to a modest size, and follow some basic guidelines as to content.

Size : - Signatures should have a maximum height of 80 pixels (inclusive of text and graphics). Where graphics are used they should have a maximum width of 400 pixels and a file size of 30Kb or under.

Content : - Content should not contain any elements likely to be offensive, nor should any clickable links to affiliate sites be used.

Please note that while the size guides are not a hard and fast rule, we would be grateful if you could keep more or less to these guidelines. Also note that the board Administrators reserve the right to remove any sigatures, with or without prior notice, that fail to conform and will very likely do so for anything deemed offensive.

It's been noted that some peeps have let their sig size grow past forum limits. Now before anyone harps on about it, it's not just confined to the general populous

Aaaanyhoo, can those peeps that have a big sig (ooer mrs) please refine it down to within the above limits, pretty pretty please

As the general forum summer clean continues, any transgressors, recidivists, and those who don't frequent the hallowed halls of GD & didn't see this note will be given a gentle prod via PM. Failing that, we'll have Knoxville (or scaryjim, OiD, g8ina, Saracen or Ferral etc etc) come round to their house & sit on their head till they submit & see the error of their ways (which is so much more preferable than seeing Knoxy's hairy bum descend on their head)

Much more fun than removing someone's sig & avatar privileges don't you think