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Thread: AB9 will not boot from IDE CD-ROM drive, except ATI driver CD

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    AB9 will not boot from IDE CD-ROM drive, except ATI driver CD


    I just bought computer with AB9 motherboard, and I use my old LG's IDE CD-ROM (BIOS says it's:hl-dt-st gce-84) drive.

    I started computer up, and installed windows XP from its CD. Everything worked fine.

    Now I can't boot from CD anymore. XP's CD will not boot, couple of Linux CD's will not boot. There is some basic "Can not find system, insert system disk and press ENTER" -kind of error message only. Only CD which will boot is Abit driver CD.. Weird.

    Because CD-ROM drive and CD's are old (read: tested), I don't think the failure is in CD-ROM drive or in CD's - and I even installed XP with that same drive.

    But I can boot from Abit driver CD, so probably my BIOS setup is correct?

    While trying to boot anywhere but windows, I made USB-flashdisk with Damnsmalllinux. It didn't boot with FAT32 format, but it started boot with basic FAT. This was quite weird to me. Does this have something to do with it?

    I have only one SATA HDD installed, so I'm not using any RAID. But should I do something with Jmicron driver?

    I tried to find answers from manual and Internet without any luck. Can you help me?

    My BIOS is dated 19.12.2006 and there is newer BIOS released, but it's change log does not say anything about booting, so I have not upgraded it.

    System: (I don't think that this has any relevancy, but here it is..)
    Abit AB9
    Intel Core 2 Duo E6420 boxed
    PQI 1Gb 800Mhz RAM
    MSI NX7600GT silent
    Antec 180
    LG CD-ROM drive (hl-dt-st gce-84)
    Samsung T166 500GB
    Be Quiet! 400W

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    Update BIOS. Its not in the change-log, but it was a known issue.
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