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Thread: Fatal1ty Problem booting Raid 0

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    Unhappy Fatal1ty Problem booting Raid 0

    I recently built a new PC after display problems I recently upgraded the bios to 14 my PC worked perfectly. I then moved house packing up my PC, I carefully moved it myself and left it for over two weeks due to having no broadband etc. I tried to boot it last night and now i'm getting problems again. The first problem came up at post saying CMOS error, so i reset the CMOS and put in the bios settings like before. Now the PC won't boot at all just bypasses boot into CD rom boot. I have the hard drives setup in raid 0 array, and I entered settings like before. I have replaced CMOS battery, check all sata cables, reset RAM and finally updated bios to 15. I still have no idea why it won't boot, should I try installing RAID drivers again or reinstall the windows OS as its on it's own partion. Any ideas would be great.

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      • 600W Silverstone Strider SST-ST60F
      • Case:
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      • Windows 8.1 64Bit
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    Try the following things in order

    1) Check all the cables are attached firmly (physically try this, don't rely on a visual check)

    2) Check that the RAID controller is recognised in the BIOS

    3) Check that your RAID controller recognises a health array (usually something like pressing a key at the right point during boot up)

    4) Check if you can boot from a windows CD, try a repair installation if you can.

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    Thanks for the pointers

    I got the problem resolved over the weekend, thanks for the pointers lucio. I kept trying to boot the raid off sata cables 3&4 but I forgot that I had moved the cables to position 1&2. As soon as I switched this in the bios it booted window.......idiot.

    I also left the CMOS jumper in the clear position so make sure you check this for CMOS errors. The one thing I still don't understand is why the CMOS cleared itself in the first place?

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