If you wanna read about my hell in detail read bellow

It was all good for a year or more untill one day when i brought my pc to apartment, pluged in everything... and suddenly vista just freezes and that was the beginning of my hell...

I thought thats it at start but than my pc wouldnt boot either, sometimes it would, sometimes it wouldnt and to make it even worse it would work for a day and suddenly everything would start going crazy again, power off on, doesnt work, power off on doesnt work and after trying it for maybe hour with checking cables, trying to switch rams, changing sata cables and god knows what i didnt try my pc would finaly boot but hell no... when i entered windows in the hope i will have at least another day with working pc it would freeze again etc...

Now you wonder with all this going why i didnt take it to an expert, imagine if you take it to them, then it boots with some luck there and they would charge me cash give me my pc back just so i can find out they didnt fix a thing because this problem is such a RANDOM BULL**** to say at least

If not

To describe problems in short

- error code is 9.0
- i bought another PSU for a big buck(didnt help)
- everything was working fine for a year or so so i am sure my hardware is compataible, i also didnt install new hardware, memory etc...

my specs:

amd x2 2400mhz
2gb kingmax
mobo: Fatality an9 x32

And another important thing i noticed: It mostly happens when i move my case, so lets say i want to pull the mouse cable abit so its not stuck and BAM, windows freezes again, wont boot... Currently my chasis is lying on its ribbs as i found out its working better that way and here i am enjoying another working day of my pc trying to get help here