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Thread: New AB9 Pro keeps entering BIOS

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    New AB9 Pro keeps entering BIOS


    I recently got an AB9 Pro motherboard and installed it in to my PC. When it boots, it goes through all the POST thingies ok but then enters the purple BIOS screen. If I reboot, it then does the same thing.

    The only things I have hooked up at this point are the video card, cpu and memory.

    When I try hooking up hard drives, it detects them just fine, but then keeps going to the BIOS screen.

    The weird thing was that I swapped the mobo for another AB9 Pro and it did the exact same thing. I also tried swapping the video card and it did the same thing as well.

    Any clue?

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    Thats a really really strange fault.

    Do you have any keyboard plugged in? If so can you disconnect it and see what happens.

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