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Thread: Any1 can help wif abit aw9dmax + hec ace power 580w connections?

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    Any1 can help wif abit aw9dmax + hec ace power 580w connections?

    Please make sure all THREE of the power connectors are properly connected.

    ATXPWR1: ATX 24 pin power connector
    ATX12V1: ATX 12V 8 pin connector
    ATX4P1: Auxiliary 12V power connector

    i connect ATX4p1 with the 4 pin molex connector
    the next 2 i have no idea how to connect
    tried playing arnd with it

    for the next 2
    i tried the 20 pin on one side
    the +4 at the other side
    still one long beep sound(never ending)
    any1 can help?
    using abit aw9d max and hec ace power 580w
    a 24+8pin extension is given by the psu
    i tried putting it in.. totally no power.
    nth goes on when i on it

    new to diy
    dunno how to connect to make it work

    my rig:
    abit aw9d max + E6600
    scythe ninja plus
    leadtek 8800GTS
    2x 1GB ddr 667 kingston rams
    1 x 320 SATA seagate harddisk
    dvd writer - not connected yet
    floppy - connected
    psu - hec ace power 580w

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    You should find that the large 24-pin (which may separate into a 20+4pin connector but should both be originating from the same cable loom) plugs into the right hand side of your motherboard.

    If your PSU has an 8-pin connector (not all do), then you should plug this into the top right connector on the motherboard. If it doesn't have an 8-pin connector, it will have a 4-pin (squarish) connector instead, which should be plugged in here instead.

    The ATX4P1 connector is optional(ish). This provides additional power for devices in the PCIe slots. You can connect an ordinary molex connector to this if you so desire.

    Hope that helps
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    HEC Ace Power 580UB Connecters
    Top Left is 24 Pin main power lead =
    plugs into the right hand side of your motherboard
    as FatalSaviour says.
    Bottom row these 2 4pin plugs combine as shown to go in the 8 pin CPU socket. again as FatalSaviour said.


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