AS briefly discussed in my AW9D max mod guide

If you want extreme overclocks and you are Cooling the northbridge via a water block , DO NOT get the Swiftech storm. Although the storm is a better quality product it is only designed to be used as a SINGLE block design I.E NO other blocks can be on the same loop! The reason for which is that the liquid has to go through TWO sets of jets thus slowing down the flow rate

iF YOU WISH to over clock higher and have blocks go for a more suitable one such as the Swiftech Apogee or the Dangerden MAZE 4 TDX (for socket 775)
both work with abit motherboards very very well. In my experience abit use the hole with studs to mount the northbridge heatsink rather than ( sorry forthe swear word on the next bit) than erm...........ASUS motheboards which use the loop and hook method. For the northbridge block you can use the Dangerden maz4 n/b chipset block on the (swear word again) ASUS you have to use the intel edition of the same block.

Remember to keep the loops short the less tubing the better (fluid dynamics 101) the less tubing there is the less heatbuild up due to friction.

So although there is lots of threads on the storm/apogee debate you must bear this in mind to get the MOST out of your abit board.

If you want to cool the northbridge down as well then purchase the Apogee if you ONLY wish to cool the cpu then the Storm is your best choice.

so this solves ALL the Storm/Apogee debates. This is the best way to get the BEST overclock out of your abit board.

Regards Gilgamesh