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Thread: Multiple problems with AB9 PRO and 1.6 BIOS

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    Multiple problems with AB9 PRO and 1.6 BIOS

    Hi people, I write this in hope someone at ABIT can escalate this issues and in the end provide a BIOS wich would address all the weirdness of this board.
    Or maybe my board is malfunctioning.

    My setup is:

    C2D E6600
    2x1GB RAM Transcend 800 Mhz
    1xPlextor 716A
    1xDVD Pioneer
    2x120 GB SATA WD
    1x320 GB SATA II WD
    Gainward 7800 GS 512 MB

    There are many problems with this board, including some many people wrote about in the past. Let me just list my problems:

    - Board has no IDE port, let's face it, JMicron solution just does not work. It has to be fixed. Drive always work in PIO mode, if it is set to RAID an CD-ROM is SCSI, things are faster but drive is inaccesible in many apps, such as DVD-Shrink
    - Board randomly hangs at boot posting error 75, like seeking for IDE devices. Really bad, soft reseting it a few times (ctrl-alt-del) solves this for a while.
    - bad memory support, could not run my 800 Mhz RAM, until I set manual settings under memory
    - after restart (from windows), very often occurs that seeking AHCI devices on Intel controler takes unusaly log, and I get messega disk error occurred, just before Windows start to load. Hit ctrl-alt-del and problem is gone.
    - PCI port weirdness. For my Promise Ultra 66 card, I had to disable SIL and Jmicron controles so the card was detected. Other cards are detected more or less randomly in those two PCI ports. Lowest port has better luck detecting devices pluged in it and it usualy takes few BIOS resets to get device working.

    All in all, a very weird board, with lot of bugs. I took it as exchange for GigaBytes DQ6, which had none of this problems with later BIOSes. Hope ABIT will continue to mature their BIOS soon.

    Is there any newer BETA to test?


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    certainly understand where u r coming from, I found the only solution to my optical drive woes was to buy a SATA DVDRW drive, and Ive had to set the ICH8R to IDE as the AHCI start delay is too annoying. As for the PCI problem, I only have my Xfi in the lower slot but do not have any probs, both Sil and JMicron controllers are enabled. I guess that is why the released the AB9 Quad 4 which replaces the Pro, looks much better

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