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Thread: Is the AirPort Express my answer?

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    Is the AirPort Express my answer?

    Currently have a DrayTek Vigor 2600G that sends a wireless signal less then a room away, when the AirPort Extreme is daisychained to it the signal then works in about 75% if the house.

    Im fed up with trying to get the DrayTek Vigor 2600G replaced as it's been back once already and my father isnt botherd about using its wireless capabilitys, hes happy with the Airport Extreme.

    Now the other 25% of the house is were my father is looking at having a work area, it's a room and a conservatory ( only a few feet away from the working area and the PC Lappy works in there ). Would the AirPort Express used as a booster probably end this signal problem once and for all?

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    Yes, thats the idea of the Airport Express.

    Sorta like....


    Apparently it works well, I've yet to try it (I've only got the AExpress for iTunes use with the Surround sound setup etc)

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