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Thread: lost main headlights this morning

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    lost main headlights this morning

    Hi There,

    Still got a Rover 414 P reg... this morning at around 5:50am I went to my car to start it. Everything fine, started fine, a lot of stuff was on / left on like both sets of wipers (it was wet). I turned on the rear demister (it was clouded ) and maybe the fan.

    Since it was obviously really cold, I revved the engine a bit (lightly!) to get it warmed up. I also turned on the headlamps - realising the 1st setting was a bit too low for this time/weather, i set it to main headlights.

    They stayed on a second or so then they both cut out. I checked by turning the switch again, turning the car off and on, and even flipping the fog light setting, no joy. The high beams still work (different bulbs) and the low setting still works, but the main beam setting doesnt work as if both bulbs (dual-filament?) lost the lamp / setting at the same time?

    I thought this might be battery related, as i had so much stuff on at once, both the 10A (?!) fuses were fine though. So i had to wait untill it was lighter and go to work with the low setting lights

    Im done at 7pm today, cause of this i will have to leave early (1hr trip on M/A/B roads). Has anyone any suggestions as to what to check first, and why they would both go at once? I still hope its just a bulb problem, its just a bit of a strange one.

    Finally, I have both AA and RAC, is it worth calling them about this (later!), and will they carry this spare? Also could i go back (carefully) with the high beams on, blinding drivers but driving legally?

    MANY thanks..........

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    Both bulbs blew at once! Apparently if one blows slowly enough the other can blow too.

    all fixed now

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