Originally the TX650 was a SeaSonic S12, and the TX750 was a CWT PSH.

We were told by a Corsair representative that there would be a refresh to the outdated TX series, and would be from SeaSonic and branded as TXv2.

TXV2s appeared on Ecos Consulting's website (80PLUS.org) with the 80+ Bronze cert.

Then we were told that the TX650 would be replaced with a CWT PSHII unit "temporarily" until the TXv2 was launched, and that it would designated "TX650-C"

We kept an eye out, but aside from a brief change in listing on Newegg which was quickly reversed, saw no "TX650-C" units, either in stores, pictures, or in the wild.

Then silence for three months.

A week or two ago an anonymous source demonstrated that the TX750 has been replaced with a CWT PSHII without any change in the packaging or marketing whatsoever, no indication it was a changed model. It's now a PSHII instead of a PSH. It was pulled off the shelf in a store in Taipei.

Original (CWT PSH):

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As you can see the new TX750 is essentially a GS800 with a non-LED fan and Japanese secondary-side capacitors.

It's probably the same deal with the TX650 and GS700.

The new TX750 will probably have much lower ripple than the original (~60mV vs. 100mV), slightly higher efficiency, and equivalent voltage regulation. The new TX650 will probably have about the same ripple or slightly higher (40-50mV), slightly higher efficiency, and equivalent voltage regulation.

However, build quality on the PSHII units is poorer, with a single layer PCB, weaker transient filter, more failure points due to using six weak +12V rectifiers instead of two powerful ones, and it's rated at 40C instead of 50C. PSHII is also much cheaper to manufacture than PSH or S12.

The new TX units perform about the same or just a bit better; build quality is slightly lower. Changing a product this significantly without alerting anyone, not sending out new review samples, not changing the packaging or anything at all, is dishonest. Even if the change is for the better, or just a sidegrade, this is a major change to the product and not telling anyone is extremely shady. At the very least it should have been mentioned on the JonnyGURU and [H] forums, and new review samples sent out.

Corsair, you're scaring me. I don't want to keep calling you out on crap like this--so STOP it.
http: //www .overclock.net/power-supplies/898000-corsair-tx-line-changed-secret.html

Care to explain yourself here Corsair? I hope your PSU still remain high quality and reliable.