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Thread: Chieftec Window Mod - Adivce Required

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    Chieftec Window Mod - Adivce Required

    Ok I decided I want to stick a window in my Midi Dragon's side panel but I don't particularly want to sell out and buy the premade Chieftec ones.

    a) they cost a bomb
    b) shipping to northern ireland equals a bigger bomb!

    So I'm gonna try it myself. I've seen a lot of kits about for windows but few with the L shape I want to go around the Dragon's locking mechanism. Custom window time. Personally I don't like windows with rubber sealing around the edges so is it possbile to use say a nut/bolt/washer combo to set the window in behind the side panel?

    Where would be the best place to get the perspex (B&Q ne good?) and what sort of tools would be needed? Is the dremel really the be all and end all and is it good enough to get through the steel?

    I have a rubbish old steel case from donkeys ago to practise on first so fingers crossed.

    Also I want a 80mm blowhole for a White LED fan (blue cold cathode inside) so whats the best way to make the circle in perspex? Mark the circle and dremel it?

    Lot of questions I know but you guys are the experts!

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      • Be Value have good perspex prices, plus if you're a student you can get yourself a discount. The plastics they sell are pretty good, too - I've been using it for quite a while.

    You'll find that B&Q plastics are flimsy, and terrible for cutting. Plus - when I went to look at the plastics in the local B&Q, half of them had the protective film half ripped off (meaning scratches, etc).

    For cutting windows, the home user is usually best off with either the dremel or a jigsaw. Cutting with a dremel will take a while to get used to, in terms of making cuts that you don't need to spend days filing up to get them presentable. However in terms of being able to cut nice patterns, the dremel is far better than the jigsaw. Jigsaws are best suited for cutting straight lines, and slow curves - they also cut quite cleanly, even if you're a beginner, so you shouldn't need to file too much).

    Nuts/bolts/washers are fine for a window, as are rivets. You'll need to do a little drilling for both of these, though. If you don't fancy doing any drilling, also consider industrial velcro or glue, but bear in mind the size of the window, and the fact that you don't any ugly epoxy/velcro strips showing in the corner of your window

    Hope that helps at least a little.

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