Righty ho

Finally got round to doing some of the idea's I have in my head down on paper. Only some, as some of the ideas in my mind should be sealed in concrete and dropped in the north sea.

Custom made cubes

Please excuse the meaningless scribbles on them.

My current 2 ideas:

Idea 1:

Front -> Right hand side -> Back

Standard layout of 5.25 above 3.5" drives. But the main difference is the mobo laying flat in the bottom of the case.

2x120mm fans at the front blowing air over any 3.5" drives
120mm and a 80mm (or maybe 92mm) fan sucking the air out of the back.

Motherboard is removeable and slides in at the bottom. Will probably use one from an old case and mod it to fit as necessary.

Tempted to add a couple of 80/92 fans int he side and duct them to the cpus to help with cooling.

Idea 2:

Similar to idea 1, but with the mobo at the top of the case allowing the cpu to get fresh air.

Other than that - 2 120mm fans at the back, 2 at the front, 1x120 over the cpu and the ram (if thats possible). Removeable motherboard tray again just slides in.

PSU's at the bottom, keeps them out of the way nicely.

Custom cabling will be needed throughout these cases. Construction will be reasonably lightweight. 90° bend ally with either MDF panels or I have the time, carbon fibre. Internal supports will be decimated from other cases or custom made depending on final designs.

overall dimensions will be roughly a 14" cube.

This is only the first designs - more revisions with slightly more detail will follow. Will probably end up doing a full size A1 set of working drawings after figuring out the final dimensions.

Any suggestions guys??