Shuttle SN41G2 - with silentX 250W psu
XP1700 (pally)
256mb PC2100 crucial
120gb Maxtor Diamondmax 9 IDE 8mb cache
Lite-on 52x cd writer

Coolermaster CM201 - with the 'champagne' sides. Comes with 2 x low noise ystech fans. with thermaltake 480W psu Silent Edition, ( 2 x smart fan II's with variable speed control)
Abit NF7-S v2 + with all extras (and an extra usb header ;D)
Barton XP2500 (runs at XP3200 normally)
SLK800 copper cpu cooler + smart fan II
Corsair TwinX pc3200LL ( 2 x 256)
Hercules 9800SE AIW (doesn't softmod)
1 x 120gb seagare barracuda V (ide / ata100)
1 x 120gb maxtor diamondmax 9 SATA ( ata150)
Pioneer 105 dvd writer

both ide drives have silver rounded cables

Just wondering how much i cud get for them as a whole, and if i split them up?