I've been doing mods for about 3 years now and I am trying to figure this one out. A client of mine wants me to install his car stereo in his pc. I figured it would be an easy task and it is except for the fact that it's something I've never tried before so I dont know if any problems will arise from the power conversions from the stereo to the pc's power supply. Hooking it up and mounting it is really easy. I'll explain it just to help you all understand it all.

A basic stereo has 11 wires, 1 antenna hook up

3 of them are for power, the positive, negative, and ground,

the other 8 are the speaker wires,

Front Left Pos,Neg
Front Right Pos,Neg
Rear Left Pos,Neg
Rear Left Pos,Neg

Some stereos have extra wires for remotes, steering wheel buttons, subwoofers, and audio input.

His stereo is basic plus the subwoofer.

That adds the Subwoofer Pos and Neg Wires. (the sub also uses a ground wire but that is run through powers ground)

Well what I'm goin to do for him is put in a side panel though his right side door.(Cutting out the window and right side of one of his drive bays for the stereo to sit on.) Then on the front side. using the same slot i'm mounting the stereo in place a panel with 3 labeled head phone jacks. These jacks can either be salvaged from old electronics or bought at radio shack. Since I am paid expenses I am of course going to Radio Shack.

1.Front Sound
Ill Solder the Front L/R wires to the jack
2.Rear Sound
Same as above except with the Rear.
Sub Pos and Neg

After that its just a matter of hooking up the power cables to a molex adapter and plugging it in.

I'll buy a car antenna cable and hook that up to an retractable antenna which will be mounted on the rear of the case.

Now as I said before I have never done this. All I need to know is will I have problems with the power. Should I add a inline fuse to the positive. I dont want to do this until I know that it is possible. I figure it is. Ive installed a fm radio before and it worked near perfect except for a little static. but thats different then this cuz the car stereo requires more power than a little fm radio.

If anyone can help please email me at masterkaysi@earthlink.net