Dude I can't believe I missed this ecsmodmen competition. only like 40 days left and I barely started on my rig. So far looks like only a bit over 25 competitors so the chances are pretty darn good. I want to make something out of a Starcraft Character like a Protoss Probe. would be cool to have one of those crazy laser shows just shooting out the center like it was mining for minerals. That would be sick and some smoke under so it looks like it's floating.

Would you guys recommend fiberglass mold or would that be too heavy? My friend suggested just chisel the whole thing out of wood in two halves would be easier but I don't know if it would look clean and sharp. I'm not too good with chisel but better with making clay molds for fiberglass pieces. I wanted to use a plexi glass base so it can look like it floating and maybe make a hinge on the top so the whole top can fold up to access the computer.