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Thread: Just got my money, what should i buy?

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    Just got my money, what should i buy?

    OK well i got my pay check today (75 dollars, man im a papery boi!! lol)

    anyways i was originally going to get THUG 2 for ps2, but alot of people say its gltchy and is worse than thug 1, and theres alot of other bugs so ive decided to skip that and get it for PC since playing it on a mouse and keyboard IMO would be really wierd, im gonna go buy a PS2 controller to USB adapter from radio shack

    so ill have around 60-65 left (cuz of tax) so ya, then im gonna buy some Blue UV reactive IDE cables. Should i get these from jab-tech?

    shoudl i also get a matching floppy cable? right now i have an antec cobra, but its ugly imo

    so that would cost about 13 bucks so i got about 52 bucks left

    I also want a green UV sleeving kit, but which kit should i buy and where should i get it from?

    is this good?

    it says its expandable up to 150%, so i wouldnt need a molex tool would i?

    or would this be better?

    its cheaper at

    ok so i have about $37 (not counting shipping) left in order for all that to look nice ill need a blue UV cold cathode (most likey i need 2)since all i have is a 80mm UV fan

    this would be nice but its not UV

    umm what about this

    it doesnt say blue it says uv but it looks blue? its only 14 with shipping

    this is 11.04 at svc with shipping

    this is the same price

    does the logysis one come with the inverter thing or is it just lights?

    so are all the uv cold cathodes blue or look blue?

    ok so what cold cathode should i get and is the rest good?

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    Uv cold cathodes, look bluey purple , so those ones with uv in the name are uv so yor fine with that and the first sleeving kit is good quality i have bought one of them in the past and it is pretty good some you can fit the sleving over without as molex removing tool but sometimes you will need it.

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    ya this is what im getting

    Or should i get the tech flex kit?

    and 2 of these

    im ordering from here because i know a coupon code thatll take 4 bucks off my total some im gonna get 2 of these fans

    and i get 2 non uv floppy or ide cables, hows it look?

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