Everyone here that watercools can you persaude me to why I should watercool and also what the down sides are

Can i expect higher clocks with water compared to air??

The main reason why I want to go watercooling as I notice a 0.1v increase Vcore on water may go up 1~2c as an aircooler goes up by 8~10c!!! Is this the case??

Cheeky as this may be could someone list exactly what i'd need please

I was thinking bay res from typhoon??

What pump etc would I need??

Could I mount the rad to an 80mm exhaust fan on a PC60 and use it in a push pull arrangement??

Cheers guys

Perhaps this: -

CPU Waterblock: Maze 4
Radiator: Black ICE Xtreme
Reservoir: Danger Den
Water Pump: Eheim 1048 (240v AC Only)
Radiator Fan: Sunon 120mm Fan
Hose: 1/2" ID x 2 Metres
Hose Clips: 8x Plastic
Water Additives: Water Wetter & UV Dye
(This is a kit from Chill-Tek and is £190inc VAT which I think i'd stretch to The only thing i'd change is possibly have the res as

Typhoon Quad 5.25" Bay Reservoir

¼" Laser cut cast Acrylic material, water-tight seals and pressure-leak tested. All neccessary parts included for simple installation and filling. Centre divider to eliminate air bubbles from system.

This would make the system neater I think and make filling and emptying easier also i'd prefer a fixed res [/B]

Please treat me gently as i'm a complete and utter n00b


Also could I mount the rad between the PSU and CDROM bays??