Spud from the forums has had an invite to an open beta for Hopnotic, a web-based puzzle game.

If anyone else wants to join in feel free!

Hello MGS Beta Program member,

We would like to invite you to participate in a beta test of a new casual PC game called "Hopnotic", a title that is currently in development so, your participation and feedback can have a major impact on the game's design!

Hopnotic is an original, single-player, web-based puzzle game designed for the whole family. A full description and details on how to play the game are posted on the Hopnotic beta website (http://www.carbonatedgames.com/hopno...notic_beta.htm).

The beta will officially start today (7/18/2007) and last several weeks.

What do we need from you?

Play the game! We will be gathering some data automatically (e.g., your score and level information).
Answer some optional questions. The game will occasionally spawn a short, optional survey for you to complete.

We will be updating the game frequently so please feel free to play as much as you would like!

To read more about the game and start playing Hopnotic, go to the Hopnotic beta website (http://www.carbonatedgames.com/hopno...notic_beta.htm).

Know of someone else who may be interested in participating? Feel free to forward this mail to them.

If you have any questions please contact gbetasup@microsoft.com.
Thanks Spud