I bought an 360 premium a few months ago but I was thinking about selling it and getting a pro (version 2 with the hdmi) mainly for the reason of my TV has one component in and it's annoying having to change the wii and 360 all the time. I was also hoping to maybe get a quieter system (fingers crossed). So I mentioned this to my friend who then said he'd buy mine, so my new 360 arrived today. HDMI, falcon chipset, benq drive; only problem is it has the annoying loud fans

It's so close to being the perfect 360 (fingers crossed nothing goes wrong now), I will admit though even with the loud fans it is still quiter than my old one. When it starts up it even has cold air coming out the back! My old system fired out air that almost burnt from the instant that the power was on.

I just thought I'd pass on my tale.