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Thread: Family Trainer Wii (mini review) it's a Christmas MUST HAVE

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    Thumbs up Family Trainer Wii (mini review) it's a Christmas MUST HAVE
    Picked this up a few weeks ago on Play for a mere £19.97 (now £32) as a random purchase. But in the spirit of fun that (imo should always) accompanies a good Nintendo game, this is a belter! If you have young children or you have mates round for a gaming evenings post-pub then trust me, this could be the new party essential Wii title. Play single player or teamwork, and it's the latter where the majority of the fun is to be had!

    What you get for your money is a dance type mat & the game. Whilst I was expecting a dance style game, what I got was a bellyache of laughs & children crying with laughter as we tried to power & control our mine cart, leaning from side to side & pumping the controller to build speed.

    Yeah, you're right, it sounds overly simplistic, and to be honest it is...but that's where it wins bigtime! There is no thought process involved, you just have to get stuck in and enjoy it's unveiled simplistic lunacy.

    I have no idea why people haven't been clamoring over this like Wii Fit or My Fitness Coach??? Its' fun, it's fitness & it's cheap. If you ask me, snap them up NOW before Chrimbo & they put another tenner on the price.

    Just as much fun as Samba DiAmigo or Mario Kart Wii with the kids or with mates.

    It's a big box of WIN!
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