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Thread: Hydro Thunder Heading to XBLA

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    Hydro Thunder Heading to XBLA

    One of my favourite games from the Dreamcast is heading to XBLA this summer

    "Hydro Thunder Hurricane will feature 8 theme park-style courses with all kinds of insane obstacles like monsters and such, and there are also loads of different jet-powered speedboats to gun through the choppy waters in several different game modes. Each boat will have varied handling models as well as unlockable skins to boot.

    Multiplayer will also play a big part in the game, offering 8-player online racing as well as local splitscreen for up to 4-players. You'll also be able to team-up with friends for Hydro Thunder Hurricane's 'Rubber Ducky' mode. Whatever that is."


    Personally, can't wait!

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    Re: Hydro Thunder Heading to XBLA

    MUST HAVE Loved this on Playstation and was a hoot in the arcade

    I really want to play H2Overdrive, not seen any machines over here though and I have been looking at every chance H2Overdrive

    Lost Island was my fave track, and I never failed to miss that shortcut through the waterfall
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