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Thread: Trouble connecting to xbox live

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    Trouble connecting to xbox live

    Does anyone know where to enter the mac address off the xbox into my computer with is windows 7. It has something to do with mac filtering.

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    Re: Trouble connecting to xbox live

    My experience: Say my laptop has MAC address X. It connects directly to an ethernet port in my (student) room. If I connect my Xbox to this port, it does not work because the port only allows a device with a specific MAC address. Xbox supports changing (spoofing) its MAC address so my Xbox looks just like my laptop and cannot be denied access or "filtered". So, I set my Xbox MAC address (in network settings) to X. I can now be connected to the port and go online.

    So, your problem may be solvable using the above tactic (although if your computer and Xbox are both on the same network (e.g. both connecting to the same router), this may cause problems!)

    On other hand, you may need to post what you are trying to actually achieve. E.g. I am trying to connect my Xbox to my computer so that it can go online. My computer is connected to a router.

    I have not come across MAC address filtering in Windows, so I may not be able to help here. I was thinking maybe it is your router that is filtering MAC addresses. But more info is probably required.

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