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Thread: Virtua Fighter 5 - Waste of time.

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    was never a fan of Virtua Fighter on any platform, always felt it was clunky and non intuitive as far as the controls were concerned.

    DOA is a sodding joke as far as the fighting genre is concerned, extremely disappointing as this comes from the team responsible for the unbelievably amazing Ninja Gaiden (i like this game!).

    Tekken has had my heart since the first incarnation however, fluid controls, quality storylines for each character, excellent and even halfway believable special moves, beautiful arenas and perhaps while lacking the ring out and level switching effects (kicking them through windows etc), i find that it provides the most challenging fights with no getout clauses.

    As far as the online feasability of these, i can't see it happening anytime soon. Reversal moves, split second blocking and riposting, carefully timed sidestepping and power moves would all be affected far too much by lag/latency/ping, and people DCing when losing etc. As was mentioned earlier, theres nothing quite like gloating after beating your mate senseless for the 15th time in a row.

    my tuppence worth

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    "Apparently, Producer Mie Kumagai from Sega said that Sony has not delivered the necessary information about their online network to make coding the online mode possible"

    Ever heard of patience? lol more like they half rushed the game before tekken 6 comes out, and beats the crown of VF5's head! My opinion is that most developers nowadays are more into making profit then ever before!

    I own both both the ps3 and 360, and yes i have to admit the 360 online is nice, compared to the ps3, but hey i aint that bothered if a game is online or not, as long as its good! To me its about the game first, quality my friend. Then has it got this, has it got that, the extras. To me online is not that big of an issue i have plenty of friends that come around, and i enjoy the good friendly atmosphere especially when they get a good pasting.

    If the game is not online but its good that will do for me like DOA4 it is good online but what happens when some times the lagg kicks in?? lool, or you get some annoying person, that cant ever stop talking s**t all the time. There are always pro's and con's to almost everything.

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