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Thread: My review: Sennheiser RS160's

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    My review: Sennheiser RS160's

    I bought these Sennheiser RS160 wireless headphones yesterday.
    (£99 from Richer Sounds). (Currently available on Amazon for £86, with a long lead time)

    Oh my goodness.

    They are brilliant.

    I dont consider myself to be an audiophile, most of my music listening is mp3 compressed (typically 192 - 256 kbps vbr), although runs through a Creative XFi 'crystaliser' USB device, but OMG.
    I feel like i'm listening to music for the first time.
    Sting's 'Nothing Like The Sun' album sounds so new and clear.
    U2's 'One' sounds like me, Bono and The Edge etc are all sitting together as they perform to me.

    For context, i haven't been using 'on-ear' headphones for quite a long time, and have been quite satisfied in general day-to-day commuting listening with a £20 set of in-ear JVC's, but this is quite, quite different.
    They are 'closed back' which I understand means that they dont quite 'breathe' in the same way that 'open back' headphones do (and therefore dont sound quite so good supposedly), but it is important to me that my wife doesnt listen to my gaming or music whilst she watches Eastenders, and so far ive been able to turn the volume up to... well...levels that I never would have considered with my desktop speakers.

    In gaming, playing Battlefield is now very immersive. They provide a sound putting you in the game in a way that stereo desktop speakers never do. I'm telling you that these headphones have added a dramatic amount to my gaming, much much more than upgrading my graphics card ever did; this is quite probably something that many good quality headphones can do... but OMG!

    As for the Sennheiser RS160's themselves, they feel lovely and comfortable on my head, show no signs whatsoever of moving as I rock back and forth on my chair, and, being wireless, i can get up, twist my head around and have no concerns about leads getting caught / pulling me / knocking something off. It is just so liberating! They are reasonably sturdy, but after 2 hours this evening of being consistently on my head I dont feel uncomfortable - a touch of condensation around my ears, but 5 seconds of fresh air and I'm good again for another couple of hours.

    Other than this, the charging mechanism is a bit fiddly - you have to plug a little power lead into the bottom of the 'phones, rather than placing them on some sort of charging stand (which the cheaper RS120's have).
    The main reason that I chose the 160's was after reading that the 120's use Radio Frequency to transmit the audio information, whereas the 160's use a digital process called 'Kleer' - admittedly it's far more than I need (even that comparison shows how bluetooth is probably adequate for my listening) however all I can say is that it works. For anyone concerned about interference etc, my audio base station sits next to (virtually touching) my Netgear wireless-N router, and I have no interference or loss of WiFi at all (so far, that I have detected).

    If anyone wants to know anything else about these, feel free to ask, i'll do my best.
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    Sennheiser RS160 wireless headphones. Creative Gigaworks T40 SII. My wife.
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