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Thread: Wireless Headphones?

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    Wireless Headphones?

    Not really sure where to post this, i'm going to be moving into a student flat at the start of september and want to find a quality pair of wireless headphones so i can listen to my music, watch movies, play computer games as loud as i like without annoying the neighbours, but i don't want to be limited to moving around because of wires. So i would like some advice on getting a quality pair of wireless headphones that i can wonder round the house in (and maybe the garden) for under around £50. Can anyone help?
    Oh, don't know if this is relevant but i also have a Logitech cordless keyboard which uses radio to connect to my desktop, don't want them interfering with each other.
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    OK - first off they won't interfear with your desktop as they all run on a totally different frequency.

    You want to go RF obviously rather than infrared so you can move out of that room with them. I've never been very impressed by the radio ones because its limiting alot of the dynamic range and quality by sending through that sort of connection.

    Hang on - your in a student flat and have a garden ... and your room is big enough to need a headphone cable more than 2meters lol

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