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Thread: Death of video recorder finally played.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gunbuster
    Panasonic SD and DVD-RAM are about two of the most sensible formats I've seen in a while, maybe I should start buying Panasonic.
    Well they do make some spanking kit in the main. Love the tellys and I've always had a panasonic VCR.

    Hmmm maybe next stop is to get a panasonic DVD-RAM drive in the future...

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    Not so impressed by their earphones, they lasted a couple of months a set. The sound was good for the price, but they just fell a part.

    Anyways, back to VHS. It still has many major benefits, ease of use, availability of tapes and everyone (mostly) has one. As a pre-recorded medium though its pretty much finished. I can see it hanging on like the floppy drive untill the equivalent of the usb thumb/pen/stick drive comes along.

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    Quote Originally Posted by turkster
    Well when they are setup and working they probably do work reasonably easily. But you say its your PVR so I'm betting you set it up with your tv skybox etc and got the whole lot working before your mum ever went near it.
    You plug it all in and away you go it does everything for you. It was less complex then setting up a vcr. It doesn't record other things only whats on the box with freeview, which is fine for us as in the past god knows how many years we've had cable I think we've recorded off it twice. thats the one I've got it was really cheap and is pretty damn good.
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