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Thread: Anyone else seen Star Wars Revelations yet?

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    Anyone else seen Star Wars Revelations yet?

    For those who don't know what it is, its a home made star wars made with Lucas's permission, Its amateur stuff, made with a budget of about $20000 and i think several years hard work by these guys here...

    I've just finished watching it and i'm truely impressed by what they have achieved. It really shows dedication.

    If you want to watch it there are a fair few download sites available, but i found one really good one for the UK bods here, from the SuperJanet network here.

    Maxed out my 2Mb connection so easy.

    I'd like to know other peoples thoughts...

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    I thought it was great and awful at the same time. The acting was quite bad, but considering it is is fan made it is pretty good. Also the real light saber fight was better than than some of the ROS's. Worth a download I say.

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