The Emperor has made a crucial mistake and the time for you to strike is now. A copy of Star Wars Galaxies has been smuggled out from the Endor moon and transported back to to give away!

Galaxies is a MMORPG set within the Star Wars universe, with unparalleled character development, allowing you to be whoever you wish to. You could follow in the jet-stream of Bobba Fett and be a bounty hunter, or emulate Han Solo and smuggle guns, or become an Imperial Trooper... or even a Jedi. is offering you the chance to live out your Star Wars dream!

All you have to do is come up with an original Star Wars based character and write a short biography for him/her.

For example, you could invent a Wookie called "Ooraghl Bleeurgh" (which is Wookie for Morning Gargle). His father used to be a dentist but soon went bust as most Wookies rarely tolerate root canal work without trying to rip someone's arm off. Ooraghl then found work on a freighter flying rare droid components to Bespin, but he lost a cargo in a card game and was fired. Now he dances in the Mos Eisley cantina, where he's known as Mr. Bojangles. He does very well as a busker, as not many people refuse to pay up when a 2.5 metre tall Wookie passes round the hat.

So, you get the idea... here's the rules:

All entries by email to deckard 'at'

Closing date is Tuesday 20th April

Feel free to use any of the Star Wars races or even invent new ones but avoid using known characters. Feel free to use existing characters in your own character's history though.

And cos this is a bit of light-hearted fun, the most amusing or inventive entry wins.

Multiple entries are allowed, so you can create a whole gang if you want!

Good luck!