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Thread: Pinnacle Studio Plus 700-USB version 10 ruined my regular DV capture!

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    Pinnacle Studio Plus 700-USB version 10 ruined my regular DV capture!

    Recently I bought the Pinnacle Studio Plus 700-USB version 10 for my computer to capture analog video.
    I have a Sony VAIO that has built in Firewire and came with Adobe Premiere. The computer runs on Windows XP, which was pre-installed. It had inputs to capture analog video on the front and back, but only had Gigapocket recorder to record it. I couldn't access these files in Adobe to edit them. This is why I bought the Pinnacle box and software. That was the worst mistake I ever made.
    When I first loaded the software, the load process froze up. After a few trys, it finally loaded up fully. I downloaded the update to Studio 10.5, and upgraded my video card driver, which is by NVidia.
    It started to capture video from my old Hi-8 camcorder, but it was dropping hundreds of frames. Then a blue screen came up that said the computer was dumping the memory and shutting down. I had to unplug the computer and plug it back in, at which point it went haywire, asking for the boot disk, and windows opening and closing at random. When I finally got it stable after two days, the program was completely installed, and I could turn it on, but everytime I would click the menu to go to capture, or tried to do anything else with it, like make a DVD, or open up the video edit section, the program immediately shut down. I removed all the software that came with Pinnacle, but the program messed up my regular DV capture, causing it to drop frames every few seconds and output video so choppy it's unwatchable. This used to work perfectly, for years, before I installed the Pinnacle USB 700 device and software. I have a video that needed to be done for next week, but that won't be happening now. Thank you, Pinnacle, for ruining my computer. I tried to capture video with the preview screen off (I always left it on), but nothing changed, it still drops frames every few seconds, and is all choppy.
    Does anyone know how to fix this problem?

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    If you look at the sister forums you'll see many horror stories surrounding pinnacle products.

    personally i suggest you give up on pinnacle , return as unfit for purpose and look at a canopus acdv unit
    Pansonic e50/e55/eh50 Dvd Recorders.
    Storm2 Video editing system.
    Storm Hd editing system.
    Freesat+ PVR : Sky+ HD

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