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They trade blows in gaming, the Intel chip seems overall better in getting actual work done. So perhaps AMD are pitching the 5700X against that chip which with two more cores would be pretty decisive. Will have to watch for pricing.
Better watch DDR pricing too, especially for Intel 12th Gen. Yes, you can partner with a DDR4 mobo but the degree of mobo choice seems to be much more limited, and at least for now, there seems to be a very significant difference to memory pricing, per GB. A difference in speed, too, though I suspect how much that matters is very dependent on exactly what the system is going to be used to do.

The next few months, maybe the whole year, is going to be .... complicated. I'm tempted by 12th Gen (or R6000 as and when) and DDR5 but largely because the 'changeover' period tends to suggest there may be significant opportunities to take advantage of price pressure on old-gen .... if I can time it right.