Total Gaming Radio is the latest project from the Gaming Radio Network

Total Gaming Radio is the latest project from the Gaming Radio Network. It is an internet radio station dedicated to bringing the best in entertainment, news and reviews spanning the entire PC, Console and MMO gaming world.

Having pooled talent from several of GRN's existing Internet Radio Stations, it is hoped that the combination of experienced DJ's, talk show presenters and gaming addicts will give birth to somthing quite extraordinary - but, you know, in a good, non alien bursting through your chest kinda way.

TGR is staffed by several of the good folks at GRN. These folks (you know, the GRN ones) are responsible for some of the best game based internet radio stations on air. Many hail from our flagship station, EveRadio, which has been broadcasting to players of CCP's EveOnline for over 4 years. You'll also recognise some names and faces from WeathertopRadio and BootyIslandRadio.

Well, we're mostly a collection of internet radio and gaming geeks who stumbled upon eachother while listening to one of our radio stations and thought it would be a good idea to join up.

There are some of us, however, who have been with GRN so long, there wasn't even a GRN when we first got involved. As far as I can tell, that's only a handful of us, dating all the way back to Summer '03 when Eve-Radio first sprang up.

We're all volunteers who give our time and effort to try and bring somthing both entertaining and different to the internet radio scene, and we think with what we've collectively accomplished with our existing stations we've managed that.

We hope to do exactly the same with TGR.