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Thread: R-Type Final...

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    R-Type Final...

    Is R-Type Final the last R-Type game by Irem?

    Or is IREM closing down as a game company?

    Both cases could not be described as good news...

    Irem closes the curtains on the Bydo Empire for good. Luckily it takes its bow with dignity and grace.
    We're glad that Irem couldn't say goodbye any other way...

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    if it is the final curtain they went out with a bang great game only let down is the serious slow down it suffers on the ps2 other than that its worthy of the rtype anthology

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    That means IREM is finished? Or just the Series?

    Stars usually go out with a Supernova. Couldn't expect anything less from the creators of R-Type Series, In The Hunt, Gun Force 2, Hammerin Harry, etc...

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