Probably not what you really want to hear but still a few titles will be on the euro release.
SCEI have unveiled the games Japanese PSP owners can expect to play when the handy console is released over there.

Hold onto your hats because we have a run down of the PSP games that are being released alongside the handheld wonder in Japan. We stress that these are only confirmed for a Japanese release and as yet there isn't a confirmed list for Europe. But when has that ever stopped you pondering and gossiping about the ones you'd like to see over here?

A lot of the titles are yet to be confirmed (and some only have "series" meaning "another game in the..."), but here's the definitive list and who's publishing it over there:

Techniccute (working title (WT)) - Akira
TGM-K (WT) - Akira
Mobile Suit Gundam (WT) - Bandai
The Gagharv (WT) - Bandai
Super Robot Wars (WT) - Banpresto
Darkstalkers Chronicle (WT) - Capcom
Devil May Cry series - Capcom
Viewtiful Joe series - Capcom
Kollon - CyberFront Corp.
DoraSlot series - Dorasu Corp.
Need For Speed Underground (WT) - EA
Tiger Woods PGA Tour (WT) - EA
AC Formula Front - FromSoftware
Shutkou Battle - Genki
Bomberman series - Hudson Soft
Far East of Eden series - Hudson Soft
Ren-Goku: The Tower of Purgatory - Hudson Soft
Shintenmakai (WT) - Idea Factory
Dynasty Warriors (WT) - Koei
Mahjong - Koei
Romance of the Three Kingdoms - Koei
Metal Gear Acid - Konami
Powerful Proyakyu series - Konami
Winning Eleven series (known in Europe as Pro-Evolution Soccer) - Konami
Exploration based horror FPS (WT) - Konami
Mah-Jong Fight Club (WT) - Konami
Ys - The Ark of Napishtim - Konami
AI Series: Go - Marvelous Interactive
AI Series: Mah-Jong - Marvelous Interactive
AI Series: Shogi - Marvelous Interactive
Harvest Moon - Marvelous Interactive
Pilot Academy - Marvelous Interactive
Legend of River King - Marvelous Interactive
Moji-Pittan (WT) - Namco
New Ridge Racer (WT) - Namco
T.O.E. (WT) (this could possibly be Tales of Eternia) - Namco
Makai Wars (WT) - Nippon Ichi Software
License of Intelligence (WT) - Now Production
The Evil Village (WT) - Now Production
Project S (WT) (Hedgehog related, possibly?) - Sega
Puyo Pop Fever - Sega
Ape Escape (WT) - SCEJ
Derby (WT) - SCEJ
Dokodemo Issho (WT) - SCEJ
Gran Turismo 4 Mobile (WT) - SCEJ
Ghost in the Shell Stand Alone Complex (WT) - SCEJ
Hot Shots Golf (WT) (AKA Everybody's Golf) - SCEJ
Monkey Games - Ape Escape series (WT) - SCEJ
Popolocrois Story (WT) - SCEJ
Talkman (WT) - SCEJ
Ten No Kagi, Chi No Mon (WT) - SCEJ
RS Revolution (WT) (Riding Spirits series) - Spike
Game "To be determined" - Square Enix
Mah-jong Mate - Success Corp
New Simulation Game (WT) - Sunrise Interactive
Puzzle Bobble - Taito
Action game - Tomy
Detective Adventure Jinguji (WT) - WorkJam
Pro-wrestling (WT) - Yuke's (the people behind the WWE wrestling games over here)
So just one shy of 60 titles for the release of Sony's handheld marvel, then? Not a bad line up to choose from by any stretch of the imagination. Keep your eyes on for the latest and official PSP news and we'll bring you a European PSP game list as soon as we get one from the powers that SCEE.
I've high lighted the ones I hope are going to be on the Euro release.