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Thread: Zombie Defence (hl2 mod)

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    Cool Zombie Defence (hl2 mod)

    a nice mod for hl2 that i think has a lot of potential

    this is quoted from the co leader for this mod

    Zombie Defence.... ARGH ZOMBIE!!!

    Welcome to living hell... lliterally, welcome to... Zombie Defence...

    Zombie Defence is a Team Death Match with a huge diffrence.... ZOMBIES!!!
    Just image this little peice of gameplay.

    Your standing in the lobby of the hotel. Doors blocked with everything you can find, you dont know whats happening but you must defend this place at all costs. You cant see whats happening out side as its all blocked with tables, chairs, anything... you can only hear gunshots... screams...death....

    Suddenly you hear a knock on the door, and the password is heard, three infantry come down the stairs and open the door to see an engineer. He runs up the stairs to start makeing the blueprints for the newly found Glock that he found in a warehouse.

    Trusty baseball bat in hand, you hear a scream, chairs, tables and glass fly towards you. Pearing up from your great cover position you see hands lunging into the building through windows. Bloody hands. The metel door starts to indent.... a hand flying through, gripping the door and pulling it clear off, the hands disserpearing...


    You walk up to the door, with a teammate, yet loads of undead poor into the hotel. Your teammate promptly getting his limbs torwn apart and flung towards you. When they get too close they feel the wrath of your baseball bat. 5 more teammates sprint down the stairs and throw you a glock.

    The zombies back you into a corner... screams everywhere.

    You fire widly, but its too late....

    This is the kinda thing that is completely possible, we want you to be scared but also have fun blowing zombies to crap at the same time. First team to be infested by zombies loses....

    Summary of mod Features

    Advanced Zombie AI
    Advanced Tech Tree
    Advanced Defence System
    TDM/LTS Modes (Depends how you play)

    List of features

    Lots of weapons
    Zombies able to break down doors in number of ways
    Zombies able to break windows and enter
    Zombies able to lie in wait/ambush people
    Zombies able to jump onto and attack moving vechiles
    More Zombies
    Zombies able to climb ladders, drainpipes and enter buildings via breaking roof or entering upper sotry windows
    Zombies Chuck objects at windows and doors to break them or scare people ****less
    Zombies smash/shake/run into fences in number of ways
    Zombies tear people apart and use corpes for health
    Zombies kill in number of ways - when dead they throw deadbody half way across map, tear of limbs.... eat!!!!
    Goats... that get eaten by zombies - mwhahahha
    Limbs = bugbate for zombies eg. Zombie #1: Aha a limb, get it! Zombie #2: *Insert zombie sound*
    Few classes such as engerneir, medic, spy, scout and infantry
    Advanced Tech tree
    30% chance that dead can turn into zombies
    Advanced Defencive system (Gain better ways to block your apartment/base from the oncoming mutant undead fish!!!
    Zombie attack in waves of 100+ (Depends on server stablbityz0rz)

    Thats about it, ill update this thread with more info when the time comes.

    you can get the first version of this game here

    and here is a little taster picture

    thoughts on the ideas and overall mod?
    Thanks Pete
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    I wanta play it

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    you can download the beta.....
    the final version will out as a xmas pressie the guy says
    the beta is just a save file
    have a go

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    funky - hl2mp is also getting there slowly but surely...

    in german - but you get the idea

    would love to see a mod where gordo goes a bit power crazy with the ant lions and gets them slaughtering innocent civilians MUWAHAHAHAHA!

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