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Thread: Recovering from clan gaming

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    Question Recovering from clan gaming

    Dunno if anyone else has had this but Ive run two teams/clans in recent times one in Tribes2 for a year and the other id Dod for over a year, we did the Blueyonder Dod leagues etc and had an ace time. After that I did a mod but now Im all burnt out, I cant get any fun out of just normal gaming anymore, just being a player on a meaningless server aint fun anymore after clan gaming, it was great to have regular players, practises, comms forums etc but after that normal gaming is just flat boring.

    i also did a long spell in [GH] with GH_trautloft etc in IL2 that lasted a year I think, damn good fun but the time it used to take doing the online war etc was enormous.

    Ive not been on the comp at home for days (at work *ahem*) so has anyone else had this and what did you do to get back into gaming?
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    I'm now in the same boat, CS for several years, then CoD since it came out (at the same time still playing CS etc.) Am all FPS burned out and cba with matches.

    Am now enjoynig IL2 with the Marlins, hoping my interest will be kept alive on that.

    Bellum War doesn't take long at all I find, sometimes you can be waiting a little long for people to join but once going it doesn't take long at all.

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