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Thread: Square Enix next-gen announcement

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    Square Enix next-gen announcement

    It's official, Square Enix are officially not saying anything about FInal Fantasy and Dragon Quest on the next gen consoles.

    Check it out in this HEXUS.gaming Headline.

    And yes, I know it seems odd to report on someone saying they're not doing anything, but it's time we knew what was going on, one way or the other... and now we do.
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    That is interesting. It seems like there was no question before the PS2 came out.

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    Quote Originally Posted by smtkr
    That is interesting. It seems like there was no question before the PS2 came out.
    Thats because Sony bought a 25% stake in Square. Since then Square merged with Enix creating SquareEnix, the worlds largest RPG factory. They can now pick and choose what console they make games for.

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