Well dodgy final boss on Dead or Alive 4.

Teleports at will, sometimes directly out of the way of one of your attacks, ending up behind you and launching into a 10 hit combo that takes half you total life bar, before you can so much as turn to face her.

All her attacks have a good chance of smashing you into the wall or floor for extra damage.

Her throws seems to have .00000000001 of a frame of animation, can be done from well over twice the distance anyone else can, and are very powerfull.

Her combos are fast, strong and very hard to counter.

Put all that together and you have a mean boss. Up there with Shin Akuma on Street Fighter Alpha. Now, I've beaten her with every character on story mode who fights her for the last boss, but I don't fancy having to win 2 out of 3 fights in Time Attack to unlock the costumes for the characters who can't play story mode.

Anyone got a general strat for beating her away from the normal (and at best 30% effective) running attacks / spamming any move that seems to get the odd hit / just pressing PPP because it seems to work?

Also, anyone slightly taken back by the fact that on the easiest possible setting, the very first fighter, in the very first round, will often beat you entirely by countering every move you do, including in the middle of *very* fast combos, then bouncing you into a 9\10\11 hit combo?

I'm not saying the game is too hard, just that the AI is a bit sharp for the lowest setting. On Very Hard I expect 11 hit combos, impossible countering and the like, but it would be nice to be able to learn the ropes of the game without constantly fighting the Bruce Lee inspired AI. Playing this game on Normal (there is no Easy) feels like playing Street Fighter II Hyper Fighting on level 8.

One final note - the endings for the female characters are all pornographic, sexist and very funny.

Team Ninja make there own specific style of games, and I only ever struggle to understand them.

Now, some more practice with Hayate...