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Thread: The War for Your Wallet...

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    The War for Your Wallet...

    Many might scoff at this thread, but with the fairly recent news of the PS3 being delayed till Novemberish due to issues in getting Blueray to work, what are your views on the console war?

    I've dubbed this thread as it is, simply cause it really is a war between the 3 main contenders: Ninty, Sony and M$ for your cold hard cash...

    Recently I was debating this over IM and it was decided that 'multiplatform' titles do not count. This makes sense in away as these titles won't make you 'go out there' and buy one of the consoles, but it is nice having these games available (oblivion anyone?)

    What 'manufacture' specific titles do you enjoy the most and follow blindly? Personally I'm an MGS fan, even though I was introduced to it fairly recently...there's something about sneaking up on some one and slitting their throat....ok that came out wrong

    It's just the sheer gameplay that sucked me in. Also games like Zelda, Super Mario Sunshine, Tekken (have yet to try 5)...they are classics...

    I still feel that the PS3 has missed the sweet spot. I think everyone that wanted to wait for it said "ok I'm waiting till June/July" and pretty much held off the xbox 360. Of course, these are the few people that didn't avoid the xbox simply cause it is a M$ product. As for the rest, they already have an Xbox 360, and some probably got theirs for £400+ on eBay heh...

    With the news of the PS3 delay it seems like there is a fairly large gap and the xbox 360 is filling it. Also don't forget the xbox 360 'works' out of the box (the ones that aren't obviously defective lol) and has this whole media centre thing + online community thing going for it. Personally I'm not attracted by the media centre thing (look @ my sig) but the online community idea is pretty cool and I plan to give it a try sometime soon...

    I fear that the PS3 may enter the arena a bit too late, and blueray is 1 of many sub-systems and it could delay the PS3 further or not work as well as expected. Do you want to be shelling out on a 'rushed' PS3? Can they get it right, while rushing?

    When I first unpacked my Xbox 360, it didn't instantly feel like a product from M$. In the past I've repaired a couple old Xboxes (mostly PSU repair) and once you pop the lid off it's blatantly a 'rigged PC'. Yes, this uses USB, has a HDD etc but...the firmware is great and simple features like being able to power the console from the controller makes you wonder how we survived without it all these years. Apart from the rather bulky power supply, it feels like a solid piece of engineering.

    By mistake I turned on my xbox sometime yesterday and left it running to charge one of the controllers and noticed this morning that it was still on. Powered on the TV and the Fight Night Round 3 demo was running, so obviously heat isn't an issue for my unit - but there are those who aren't as lucky and have to deal in returning theirs for replacement/repair but I guess this goes with the territory.

    /me is now feeling sleepy...
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    The market will decide

    I've spoken to some consoling kids and they recon the ps2 is better than the xbox360 simply because the jump in graphics quallity hasn't been that vaste, and the games for ps2 are far better.
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