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Thread: Dark Messiah of Might and Magic : Any questions?

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    Dark Messiah of Might and Magic : Any questions?

    On Wednesday next week, I’ll be hooking with the Managing Director of Arkane Games and Associate producer and game designer Julien roby. I’m meeting them to talk about Dark Messiah of Might and Magic, plus I'll be going hands-on with the game.

    I'll also be talking to the Ubisoft producer of Dark Messiah, the superbly named, Romain de Waubert de Genlis,

    Dark Messiah won a number of awards at E3 this year as being the best PC game.

    If you have any questions you would like to ask, then please post them here and I'll be sure to ask them.

    Arkane Studios :
    Dark Messiah :

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    is it actually going to be might and magic, command an army styley? or just oblivion set in might and magic land? If its the former, how do you control your minions? And are there instanced battlegrounds (HOMM/FF styley), or will you fight in the actual terrain?

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    Ravens Nest
    I heard there were only 14 levels to the game, how long is each level going to be?

    How much similarity is there between the new game and Arx Fatalis?

    What sort of multiplayer options do you support? is it full multiplayer, i.e. neverwinter nights, Ultima online, Worlds of warcraft, co-operative like dungeon seige 1 & 2, a mixture of both or something completely different.

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    I've been looking into this game. Looks a bit like Severance:BOD meets Thief...but ofcourse those two games are amazing and for Arkane studios to produce something which even lives upto that comparison with fresh and innovative ways would perhaps be too much to hope for.

    The blood and gore in it has impressed me so far But from the vids---(i guess their just for demonstration purposes) the player character (you) looks way overpowered. Just wading through fields of orks. Will the actual game be more balanced (you actually have to use your skill instead of just whack whack whack dead - next ork - whack whack whack- dead *lol yes that worked for diablo *).

    My main question is will there be traditional RPG leveling system or the fps-esque theme; you get a bigger sword/bow so stuff is easier to kill (the actual charator hasn't improved, just equipment) - repeat until end.

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