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Thread: Windows Media Center - 360

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    Windows Media Center - 360

    I've tried everything to get my Media Center laptop to hook up with my 360 but no look.

    This is what happens...

    I install the extender software from

    When i get to the point where it asks me to input the key given by my 360, I do so, and it says validating key... connecting to xbox 360 (also says this on the TV at this point) then it says Creating user account - it's at this point where it stops and says setup could not complete. Try to run again or contact your computer manufacturer.

    I'm pretty sure it's not the firewall as i've opened all ports and programs as well as doing it with the firewall/antivirus disabled.

    I'm using a D-Link G604T Wireless modem/router. I'm using it WIRED at the moment to make it easier. It worked fine with the normal Media Connect - It just won't work with Media Center.

    When I go to System on the dashboard, then click Computers, under 'Windows-based PC' it says currently connected to 'Laptop1' - which is the name of my laptop.

    Under windows media center it says 'your console is connected to aPC with windows media center. Select this option to disconnect.

    I have gone through the entire walk through that Darth gave me...

    But still no luck. I've double checked I've got .NET 1.1 and the SP1 for it. I've got rollup2 aswell.

    A step on the guide that Darth posted told you to disable the firewall, try to re-install it, then if it still doesn't work, go to the event viewer and see what it says. So here it is...

    System :

    Windows Media Connect Hotfix WMCSetup was installed.

    Service 'WMConnectCDS' started.

    'WMConnectCDS' service has been installed.

    Security :

    Lots in the security - nothing to do with Media center or 360.


    Media Center Extender -- Installation completed successfully.

    Product: Media Center Extender -- Installation completed successfully.

    Can anyone make anything of that?

    If there's anything, no matter how small or simple it may be, that you think can help - Please don't just ignore this post. I've been at this for about 6 hours now.


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    Shane can you post the exact error message that you get when it says creating user account?

    I use an MCE PC with my 360, the only problem I had was with my firewall. I put the 360 into the DMZ on my router's firewall and allowed the software through Windows Firewall.

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    You could try disabling the firewall compeletly and see if that works. At the very least you can eliminate that from the possible problems list.

    Secondly, have you tried activating Media Center through the 360 just to see what happens? Or are you always directed to the install screen? (bit fuzzy here as it's been a while since I connected my 360 to my PC)
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