Hi all,

NB: Have one monitor which will serve an Xbox 360, an Xbox and a PC.

Having a slight dilemma. The wife has 2 dance mats and uses them for fitness training and there also a riot for DOA3 Thing is I can't be arsed to have to swap connections every 5 minutes when I'm swapping between the boxes and the PC. I'm cool with the 360 and the PC as a cheapo switch will do the job just fine, but for the older box it means £45 on a vga box and cable swappin' faff

My question is whether there are adpaters available for old xbox controllers (dance mats) to be made 360 compatiable? Then I can ditch the xbox.

Have searched google and the only thing that popped up was with lik-sang which has now closed thanks to the wonders of Sony