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Thread: hoses and water meters?

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    hoses and water meters?

    Today I decided to get a pressure washer for cleaning the car, as well as a long (60 meters) length of hose pipe to run it from.

    I was told afterwards that there is a law.. stating that a water meter must be installed for using hosepipes. We dont have a water meter, and dont want one, as it would cost a lot more in a 4 person house (I then find out that water rates are done on the vale of the house, not the expected consumption of water, or per person... Seems a stupid way to do it imo).. I looked up on the southern water site, linky.

    Households which have a swimming pool or use a garden sprinkler or unattended water device must have a meter fitted by law.
    So Im assuming its ok.. but I thought I would check on here.. not that theres a huge chance of getting caught...
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    Re: hoses and water meters?

    It always amazes me the number of people who would rather use an internet forum to check potentially critical points of law or medical health rather than simply seeking the proper advice

    Anyhow, if you read it says "unattended water device", the pressure hose isn't unattended and thus *should* be fine. However the chances are high that a hosepipe ban will be in place, as it is many years, thus making your purchase a bit pointless and very wasteful.

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    Re: hoses and water meters?

    Critical points of a minor almost pointless law that I would happly break if the consequences would only affect me. Medical health? whilst I did post a thread about my broken hand a few years ago, thats hardly going to kill me. I cant say I have seen any medical threads on here about anything of importance, which should ofcourse not be posted on a forum.

    My parents do not want a water meter, I do not know the law or
    The southern water site is not exactly the best resource for finding out such information. And for example, water meter law - Google Search
    This thread is top. I have looked and found nothing usefull.

    Ofcourse there will be another hosepipe ban *later* this year, as always. However, pressure washers use a bit of water, but nowhere near as much as a hose. I think I even saw one advertised as safe to use in a hosepipe ban. If you consider it might only take 10 minutes to wash the car, at 2-3 LPM then thats about half a flush of the loo. they can also be ran from a large bucket.

    I do need a pressure washer, its by far the easyest way of cleaning up a cylinder head or other engine parts, which I will need to do soon. ... not just for washing the car once a fortnight. Also if you consider 3 cars, + Im sure a neighbour or two would like to use it, as one regually gets his car coated in thick mud along fields (as does my dad)

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    Re: hoses and water meters?

    long and short - you don't need a meter for a jet wash.

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